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Information Governance Suite for Microsoft SharePoint

The Information Governance Suite for SharePoint helps you to govern your information and get the most value from SharePoint. In this era of expanding regulatory requirements, exponential growth of electronically stored content information governance is a requirement. It involves business, IT, legal, compliance and records management to strike a balance between risk, productivity and cost. Through our Information Governance Suite, we partner with you to achieve this. This Suite enhances productivity with powered search tools and automated content type and metadata assignment to create a consistent content management system within SharePoint. The Information Governance Suite comes with enhanced features such as,

  • Site Creation that enable business owners to control the configuration of sites without code and without reducing the diversity and flexibility of SharePoint.
  • Drop Zones to enable users efficiently add content to the SharePoint library. Metadata, classification and location of content are automatically set by the system.
  • Search feature that incorporates structured metadata in drop-down lists and returns results that can be acted upon, filtered and exported to a file.
  • Metadata Rules to auto-assign metadata values and trigger rule-based system actions to automate business processes and to automate the retention and destruction of information through the lifecycle of draft/work-in-process/final
  • Content Organization through extending the SharePoint Content Organizer rules across the SharePoint farm.
  • Document Templates based on metadata values that provides the ability for content types to be mapped to multiple document templates based on.
  • Records Management through an intuitive file plan builder, event-driven disposition, email records management, recurring legal holds, unified physical records management, and is the only application that confers DoD5015.2 compliance.