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ERP-Link Suite for SharePoint & SAP

Reap the benefits that come from integrating SAP and Microsoft SharePoint into into one powerful environment through our ERP-Link Suite for SharePoint & SAP. It offers you the choice to decide the environments in which you want your people to work whether it is in SAP, SharePoint or an in an integrated environment.

By bringing the functionality and content owned by SAP to the SharePoint audience ERP-Link Suite for SharePoint and SAP truly complements the automation of many aspect of business operations brought about by SAP. Inside SAP users have access to the same documents as SharePoint users, with workflow passing back and forth between the environments in a way that’s boosts business through lower costs and better productivity.

With ERP-Link Suite for SAP and Microsoft SharePoint, your SAP and SharePoint users have common access to documents and the ability to work on shared business processes. ERP-Link is an SAP ArchiveLink-certified platform that can be used for accounts payable and finance, HR, plant maintenance, project management – anywhere documents are needed to support functions based in your SAP system of record. It is packed with powerful features such as,

  • Common ECM for SAP and SharePoint, with SharePoint, you have the ability to reach all employees and partners by leveraging SharePoint as the enterprise content management (ECM) platform for SAP content. With ERP-Link, SharePoint can become the core document library/repository, supporting the content management services, storage, collaboration, and management functions of native SAP objects and processes. Incoming and outgoing scanned images and documents can be automatically linked to SAP objects and processes, and stored in SharePoint.
  • Full SAP and SharePoint interoperability that offers bidirectional access to content to both SAP and SharePoint users
  • Seamless workflows between platforms that allow for a non-SAP user to link documents to an SAP process with one click of a button—something that takes an SAP user 12 screens to accomplish
  • Composite interoperable applications to create sophisticated applications by integrating data, documents, and business processes ERP-Link components provide access to all SAP objects – information, business and document objects - including provisioning metadata, as .NET ready and therefore easily integrated with SharePoint. ERP-Link components fully reflect SAP security with bidirectional read/write capabilities.
  • SAP data and records archival in SharePoint to take advantage of lower cost storage and more sophisticated content management functionality.
  • Rapid implementation allows for ERP-Link Suite for SharePoint and SAP to be installed and configured in just a few hours.