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Compliance Suite for Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint can become your organization’s platform for records management. As the standard for collaboration, content management, and portals it offers a cost effective alternative to traditional ECM suites. Compliance Suite builds on SharePoint 2010's foundation to create a full-featured and compliant and intuitive records management application. With the Compliance Suite for Microsoft SharePoint, your organization can rely on a centralized, compliant repository for collaboration and records management that meets standards of Department of Defense (DoD) 5015.2 We build a centralized user interface that controls definition and synchronization of records management policies across SharePoint. With the ability to link citations and authorities to the file plan structure, records management administrators have a single dashboard for records management functions. And by consolidating work-in-progress content and final content on SharePoint, companies can implement a unified disposition and legal hold process across all content with unified search.
It comes to high powered features such as

  • Enhanced File Plan Builder that creates a hierarchical file plan in a rich client interface that deploys to all site collections globally.
  • Record Relationships that enable users, record managers and administrations to create, move and copy records including Email Record Management.
  • Event Management to define and manage events, use events as records disposition criteria, define recurring events and facilitate disposition of related records as a single entity.
  • Cut Off and Disposition Processing to process, approve and start the retention period for records including disposition metadata handling, closing folders, parallel dispositions, forensic destruction of records.
  • Vital and Restricted Records with a capacity for identifying vital record(s) with specific attributes, including review periods and last reviewed date.
  • Transfers for a configurable and pre-defined schema for export/import into Compliance Suite in validated formats.