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Mission & Vision

“We seek to be trusted advisors to our clients and the industries we serve, globally, Dowser Group is committed to:

  • Creating value through unique solutions
  • Leveraging our domain expertise to improve decision making and maximizing return on investments made on technology by our clients
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We combine a client focused organizational culture with a unique solutions led approach to every business challenge.We do not ask customers to make alternative technology investments but help them to leverage existing assets to gain the desired value .We have successfully helped businesses to create a single platform environment for the management, governance and access of information.

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Knowledge @ Dowser Group

The promise of analytics/BI better, faster decision making is now very much a reality, and businesses not moving forward on the analytics/BI front will find themselves consumed, commoditized or simply crushed faster than what was even imaginable ten years ago.

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Corporate Blog

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    How can these large organizations become more flexible? One way is for the LOB's or geographies to go up the corporate chain, to ask for the changes. Corporate can evaluate all the geographies and suggest back to LOB's what is possible. This approach however, compromises on the flexibility required by LOB's or geographies to make swift changes. readmore

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    A global FMCG company does business through a complex mesh of manufacturing, distribution and transaction points. The effective functioning of this supply chain consisting of a a system of organizations, people, technology, activities, information and resources involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customer is the backbone of a FMCG business. To illustrate with an example, if a FMCG business has to cover the entire range of countries in South East Asia it could easily have a thousand delivery points and a few hundred manufacturing plants. In such an environment, supply chain responsiveness is the key for a productive FMCG busines.readmore